iPad 4 Smashed Touchscreen Glass Replacement

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If your screen is smashed, but the display is still working, Please select this option

iPad 4 Touchscreen Replacement.


Accidently dropped your iPad and smashed the glass? If your display is still working, but the screen is smashed.


We will replace the 'Digitizer' glass assembly of your iPad (the touch sensing glass in front of the LCD).


Estimated time to Complete: 24 Hours*

*This is the time it takes for us to pick up the iPad and return it for you, not from the time the order is placed. We may not have some parts in stock, and we will let you know how long this is likely to take (Parts usually received next day, Tuesday to Friday). Please note, some colour conversion kits can take upto 10 days to arrive from the manufacturer.

If your screen is smashed and the display is not working, you may require a new digitizer and LCD. Please click here to see our LCD replacement option.

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